#9 2018

  It’s a cliche which certainly rings true: that you don’t really appreciate what you have until it’s gone. It could be anything; a person, a home, a place. As the days ticked a... Read More

#7 Stuff

The house sale was agreed. Now everything was real. No turning back. Game on. Now the lists started. And the lists about lists. Medical aid, inoculations; homeschooling, what to sell, what to store, w... Read More


The interest in the house was slow and Cape Town had become a buyers market, probably due to the apprehension surrounding the  ANC presidential elections in December, and the uncertainty it could bri... Read More

#2 Decisions

Myself and Becky sat over a glass of wine and drew up a for and against list; ultimately,  do we or don’t we go on this epic adventure? Our family  house was the main sticking point: sell or rent?... Read More

#1 Why?

When was the seed planted, how did this off the wall  idea surface and gnaw away at me until it became reality?  I’m not sure of the exact moment we decided to take the plunge, but it had been bui... Read More