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#12 Lift Off

It was great to get out of Cape Town for 4 days and spending few days in Pringle Bay with Becky’s mum prior to leaving.  The sunset on the way there sensational, and another reminder of how Cape To... Read More

#10 Tick Tock

The countdown chart on our wall was down to one page. Only April left; down to single digits until we vacate our home and officially become nomads. I generally get nostalgic, but with gravity of what ... Read More

#9 2018

  It’s a cliche which certainly rings true: that you don’t really appreciate what you have until it’s gone. It could be anything; a person, a home, a place. As the days ticked a... Read More

#7 Stuff

The house sale was agreed. Now everything was real. No turning back. Game on. Now the lists started. And the lists about lists. Medical aid, inoculations; homeschooling, what to sell, what to store, w... Read More


The interest in the house was slow and Cape Town had become a buyers market, probably due to the apprehension surrounding the  ANC presidential elections in December, and the uncertainty it could bri... Read More

#2 Decisions

Myself and Becky sat over a glass of wine and drew up a for and against list; ultimately,  do we or don’t we go on this epic adventure? Our family  house was the main sticking point: sell or rent?... Read More