#12 Lift Off

Amazing sunset on the way to Pringle Bay

It was great to get out of Cape Town for 4 days and spending few days in Pringle Bay with Becky’s mum prior to leaving.  The sunset on the way there sensational, and another reminder of how Cape Town really is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.


Colin hoping to get packed into a rucksack

So the tough stuff was done, now we had to pack, repack, pack once more and then double check and pack again. Micro towels, charging cables, power banks, iPads, laptops, charging cables, medicine kit (for every eventuality), packing cubes, charging cables, school books…I think the amount of stuff we crammed into 4 backpacks would have made the most accomplished contortionist proud. Did I mention the amount of charging cables we had? It was so hard to think of every eventuality with regards of what to pack. Becky and I had to squeeze the clothes we wanted to take into a packing cube each…every girls nightmare

Just us and our bags

There was a family get together the night before, and I ducked early as they had the  obligatory ‘one last drink before bed’, which had a propensity of turning into 4 or 5. I barely slept a wink; a mixture of raw fear, excitement, and shear panic of the unknown road ahead. In the morning, the  goodbyes with Becky’s family were not drawn out, but were very emotional, not to mention leaving Colin and Scooby who had been adopted by Becky’s mother.  Suddenly we were four; no friends, no family, no pets. Driving along the amazing coastal road we tried to keep the conversation light hearted. Rico, who generally gets talked over by T, and being a prepubescent boy isn’t the most expressive emotionally, was regaling  his conversation with his mate Ross the previous night. They had talked about their greatest fears, Rico had said he was scared of time; as he found it unnerving where it went so quickly (very profound for a 11 year old); death was the second, and then he started us all off again by saying his third fear was goodbyes; not a dry eye in the car!

The hire car was dropped off at the airport and we made our way to the check in desk. Becky had requested no one accompany us to the airport, so we avoided anymore goodbyes going through the departure gate. Finally, sitting down in the airport lounge,  we could relax. No more packing, lists, phone calls, arrangements ..not just yet anyway. We’d done it. Finally after months and months of planning we were about to board a plane to make a new chapter in our lives, that would change us forever.



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4 thoughts on “#12 Lift Off

  1. Loving this journey so far Andre! Isla is sitting next to me whilst I write this, and she sends Tiana her love. Can we face time you at some stage? Have a blast in Kuching. I just had to look up where it was….!!Hug to all of you, from Dani

    1. Hey Dani – T would love to hear from Isla, as they’re both missing their friends and haven’t had much ‘kid’ interaction so far. We’re 6 hours ahead of you. Will chat soon. Love to you all

  2. The journey is also the destination, enjoy each and every moment of this wonderful adventure. By the way Rico’s statement/observations really profound. Nurture this! Sending love from Robertson WC

  3. We did not have a last drink
    We had last bottles for such a momentous occasion.

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