#27 Crossroads: Malaysia to where?

We left the Cat sanctuary with heavy hearts – due to the emotion invested in our four legged friends, but once we were on the bus to Kuantan, a town only 70kms away, a wave of relief came over us and the vision of proper beds with crisp linen and a clean warm shower was soon to become a reality.

Sleeping on the bus: emotionally and physically drained after our work at the Cat Sanctuary

This was another pitstop for us, and we were getting used to them. Kuantan served it’s purpose, and aside from a brief beach outing, we took the opportunity to catch up with things: washing, schoolwork, writing, admin and planning.

Rico and Tiana struck up great relationships with 30 something couples we had met along they way; I think they were seen as nieces and nephews, or maybe a benchmark to the couples of what it was like having kids. They hadn’t had any friends their age since we travelled with Holly and Zac in the Philipines, 2 months ago and we really wanted to hook up with a like minded family. Bali or Lombok were high-up on our list, the latter being so popular with families especially ones that had relocated, but the problem was it was high season and  European school holidays, so affordable accommodation was like hens teeth.

We spent days researching places and accommodation and seemed to be going in circles, but eventually we decided on making the short trip to Southern Thailand, with the possibility of returning to Bali during a quieter period.  Malaysia had been good to us – a very safe country with such welcoming and warm people. Malaysia is a mix of Chinese, Malays and Indians, and the country is a shining example to other countries of  how people can live together in harmony and respect each others cultures. Except 2 weeks in the Philipines, our first 3 months had been in Malaysia, so it was exciting to get to a new country. We’d all learnt some basic ‘Bahasa’ Malaysian so could converse on a basic level, Thailand was going to be a more challenging.

A early morning taxi from our hotel to the bus station, a 4 hours bus journey to KL, a cab ride to the airport, a flight from KL to Krabi in Thailand, and finally a cab ride to our accommodation; 10 hours door to door and stress free. Our own little apartment overlooking a pool  in a quiet area surrounded by  palm trees – just what we needed.

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3 thoughts on “#27 Crossroads: Malaysia to where?

  1. And so the journey continues….you seem to really enjoy Asia….perhaps its the magic of peace and acceptance of each other. Happy to hear you are in a more “user friendly” island. Becks you are looking fantastic! Very chilled and smiling as always! Keep soaking up the adventure….so love reading about your travels! Big hugs all round xx

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