#2 Decisions

Myself and Becky sat over a glass of wine and drew up a for and against list; ultimately,  do we or don’t we go on this epic adventure? Our family  house was the main sticking point: sell or rent?

We had property in London before we moved to South Africa and had no end of problems: a cannabis farm and a tenant dying were some of the low lights. We ended up selling our properties as it was hard to manage from here, and then watched as house prices took steroids and went north. Bad timing.

The debate about this house was different. It was where our children had grown up. So many good memories here: kids birthdays, great parties, epic visits from overseas friends. Were we really doing the right thing in selling it or would renting be the way forward?  After considerable debate we decided it would be best to sell. This trip was a once in a lifetime journey, we didn’t want to be inundated with emails about things going wrong with the house. On top of this we had reservations of where South Africa was heading, so it might be wise to liquidate, and consider our options.


We initially came to Cape Town on a year’s trial, but one year led to another, then we bought a house, then we had our daughter Tiana and life went on. But there was always a political undercurrent that made us feel uneasy. The spectrum between rich and poor in South Africa is as big as I’ve ever seen, and in our time here we’ve only see that gulf between the have and the have nots widen.

So the list was drawn up; the pro’s outweighed the cons. 

It was time to take the biggest plunge of our lives. Time for an adventure.

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